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This is Greta. I am a biologist with a PhD in genetics. I passionate of proteins and their uses. They are friends in our everyday life and have fascinating structures. I have worked with enzymes, small proteins, big proteins, proteins that shine a red light, a green light, a yellow light, proteins that look blue and proteins that seem green, proteins that can work in food or in medical devices, proteins that survive for years and some that die within hours. My works have seen the light of highly-cited journals and less scientific portals. I enjoy scientific storytelling and write in Medium when I find the time. I like visualising concepts and the shop has benefitted from it.

My photos present the beauty of the flowers that we find on the sides of the street, in the pots on the balconies, and in our gardens. Common flowers fighting to grow in the field are also interesting with their spontaneity and wilderness.

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  1. Hi Greta, thank you for visiting my post today so I got to know you.
    I do love your idea of writing poetry based on events in a lab. Based on science, its theories and answers. Its connection to poetry is definitely there.


  2. Lovely blog!
    Just started mine where I want to combine creative writing and science to explore daily life 🙂
    Cause I think one can’t separate the two, as you also say. There is science in everything around us.
    I would really appreciate your opinion about my blog. Hope you’ll swing by!

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