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Hello there,

I opened this space to drop a bit of poetry from the rationality and rigor of the lab. A space of feelings, freedom and creativity between innovation, biochemistry and the protein world. Every step of an experiment is the result of discipline, training, and critical thinking that makes it beautiful and harmonious. I am scientist fascinated by microorganisms and proteins, their dynamics and evolutionary value. Can this beauty be summarized in few lines? Can years of evolution be distilled in a bunch of words? That’s my hypothesis.

The heart of this blog is short poems about life in the lab and what a life in science can give you. Being a lab-inhabitant is an exciting journey everyday. The morning start with a question and an hypothesis, the night arrives often before an answer has been reached. What seems a final conclusion, it’s often the start of another adventure with the same protagonists in a different treasure hunt. Each day comes with a reward, being it a small lesson or while sorry in the form of a manuscript.

My pictures are taken with a Nokia phone.

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4 thoughts on “Me and the Blog

  1. Hi Greta, thank you for visiting my post today so I got to know you.
    I do love your idea of writing poetry based on events in a lab. Based on science, its theories and answers. Its connection to poetry is definitely there.


  2. Lovely blog!
    Just started mine where I want to combine creative writing and science to explore daily life 🙂
    Cause I think one can’t separate the two, as you also say. There is science in everything around us.
    I would really appreciate your opinion about my blog. Hope you’ll swing by!

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