In the middle of this night

The days of sun and rain fuse
Into a single night
Of pondering and rebirth.
Darkness is no mother to only fear
But to creativity and new impulses.
In this long night,
The day awaits patiently
For you and the thick agenda
Proud under your arm.


Exposing my interests – train traveling

Poetry Is my window opening on a harsh day and letting a fresh breeze in. I have however started to write also longer pieces on scientific topics and often lifestyle on Medium. I get usually inspired while traveling and observing those around me. Each of us with a different way of wasting time. I like their serious contents and vivid community. If you would like to follow my activities also there, just click the link above and enjoy that second creative space!

Time in the train
Resonates with the people
who live more than one life.
Work, family, self, always take place
In different locations
But merge in a single single body. đź’“